Wholesale Energy Market Services

Risk Management:

  • Determine Risk Tolerances and Appropriate Market and Credit Risk Metrics and Limits
  • Design Risk Oversight Organization, Supervisory Structure and Reporting Responsibilities
  • Implement Risk Management Policies and Procedures for Compliance with Risk Limits, System Operating and Pool Agreements, as well as ERO, Accounting and other Oversight Entities' Regulations and Standards
  • Develop Market Based Energy Price, Capacity, Volatility Curves and Models for Valuation as well as Market and Credit Risk Analysis of Load/Asset/Transaction Portfolios
  • Develop and Implement Risk Management Reporting Systems for Load/Asset/Transaction Portfolios

Energy Dispatch:

  • Develop and Implement Analytic Models for Optimal, Market Based Generation Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Create Portfolio of Optimal Generation and Wholesale Energy Transactions to Achieve Least Cost Energy Procurement as well as Maximum Energy Sales Revenue
  • Review PPA, Market Agent, Fuel Supply and Transmission Agreements to Discern Maximum Utility
  • Design and Implement Asset and Contract Utilization Management Reporting Systems

Scheduling and Settlement:

  • Create and Implement Energy Scheduling Procedures to Optimize Transmission and Transportation Asset Utilization for Maximum Power and Fuel Flow Efficiency and Reliability
  • Implement Billing Reporting System for Power and Fuel Transactions including LD and Penalty Reporting
  • Effectuate Management Reporting System for Timely Reporting and Analysis of Billed Costs and Revenue

Transaction Pricing and Analysis

  • Structured Transaction Pricing and Risk/Reward Analysis
  • Design and Implement Pricing Models for Structured Transactions
  • Technical Consultation and Training on Structured Product Pricing and Risk Management

System Requirements, Selection and Implementation

  • Determine System Requirements for Energy Trading and Risk Management, Asset Optimization, Energy Settlement, Billing and Financial Reporting
  • Develop Detailed Business and Technical Specifications and Prepare RFQ and RFP
  • Vendor Proposal Evaluation, Selection and Implementation Management

Market Monitoring

  • Regulatory Review and Compliance Program Development
  • Evaluation of Transmission and Pipeline Congestion and Planned System Expansions
  • Renewable and DSM Developments Tracking
  • M&A and ISO Restructuring Impact Analysis