Retail Pricing & Rate Services

Today's utilities must be certain their approved rates are set at levels that recover costs and provide for continued growth. Rate structures continue to become more complex due to advances in technology and rigorous regulatory requirements. No crystal ball can forecast supply and demand nor can it predict weather patterns.

Energy Consulting Group's team of energy professionals offers CEI a unique blend of ratemaking experience encompassing wholesale rate studies, transmission tariff analysis, traditional retail cost of service studies, and the development of unbundled and marginal rate products. ECG guides CEI's members through this often complex process. Utilizing our knowledge of industry costs structures and tariffs to modify current rate structures or formulate new structures for CEI's members to ensure their continued success.

Key Components:

  • Cost of Service Studies
  • Wholesale Rate Studies
  • Load Forecasting
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Marginal Rate Development
  • Unbundled Rate Studies
  • Real time Rate Development
  • Demand Response Rate Development