Regulatory Analysis & Compliance

Regulatory, Legislative and Judicial actions at both the Federal and State level will continue to have increasingly dramatic effects on your business. NERC's new position as the nationwide Electric Reliability Organization, FERC's Order No. 890, recent Supreme Court rulings and EPA mandates are part of the latest round of changes to be brought on by new laws, regulations and legal precedent at the Federal level. All major utilities are actively involved in the regulatory and judicial process, at both the Federal and State level, when the outcome will impact their business. ECG can assist you to understand how the resolution of pending issues could potentially impact your business thereby enabling you to effectively participate in the process.

Post enactment, cost effective compliance is critical to your bottom line. Compliance with new rules is often open to interpretation and reinterpretation with the progression of time. ECG has experienced personnel to assist you in shaping outcomes as well developing and managing compliance procedures in the following areas:

  • Energy Policy Act of 2005
  • FERC Orders filings and appeals
  • NERC and Regional EROs. Development of, and compliance with, new guidelines
  • State Regulatory Policy, Formation, Analysis, Support and Compliance
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards
  • Retail Choice Legislation Analysis, Strategy, Restructuring
  • Litigation, Support in all Areas and all Phases of action
  • Regulatory Economics
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance Procedures
  • Peer Alliance Formation and Support