Common Services

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Potential
  • Demand Side Management Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Creating Educational Programs for Staff or Community
  • Integrating Energy Efficiency into Resource Planning
  • Energy Efficiency Program Design, Implementation and Monitoring

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is increasingly being looked at as the "5th fuel" and a way to counter the rising cost of energy while at the same time reducing carbon emissions. Programs such as smart metering, smart grid and price signals along with traditional incentives such as rebates or revolving loans are being increasingly marketed by utilities, government agencies and energy efficiency advocates. Resource planning and energy budgeting especially should be formulated in the context of both potential energy legislation as well as marketability to a public with changing demands. ECG has vast experience in creating, implementing and monitoring energy efficiency programs that balance program costs against benefits for all parties involved. Let us help you create an conservation program that fits your budget and needs.